Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Really Big Goldfish Bowl

DH and I drove the back roads of nowhere today, inspecting potential rally roads for this summer's events. Got to get the AC fixed on the truck! When you crack the windows the dust pours in. There were 2 porcupines, a deer, squirrel, owl and a turtle and many goldfish in a quarry pond. Don't you just want to know the story on the goldfish? I'd have pics but my phone died. This reminded me that I have a really nice camera with spare batteries. I'm getting that baby back out!

I once had a school parent who came to my backyard pond to get some new goldfish for her children. When their previous fish went belly up, she told them the fish had gone to summer camp. She then (a few months later) convinced them that my pond was indeed that camp. Well done! They were even able to pick out their own fish from all the others!

It's June and I haven't given a thought to school! Two years of retirement and I have moved on. And it's good. This week I'm planting the garden, road running, Quilt Guild dining, working at the shop and diving into 3 days of uninterrupted sewing with the girls and guys. Yum. The sewing room is almost ready for your inspection, by the way. Just a few more storage decisions and I'll take new pictures.

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