Saturday, 27 August 2011


I have a potato! I planted potatoes for the first time and they grew! I like potato salad, and was hoping all that work in the garden by the raptors would be keeping me bug free. Yep. It does. But I also seem to have lip prints on the potatoes poking out of the ground a bit.Seems there is a price for pheasant vigilance.

I went in to work yesterday for a minute. Weird, eh? I changed the film on the laminator for old times sake and was impressed that I felt slightly out of the loop and was fine with that. Cool! However there is this awkward bit. I also went to a movie with friends and loved being out with girls again. I don't do that often, and work was the source for these sort of outings. I'm not the best at keeping up my part of friendships, and I will have to work at this. It's important to me. I ignored girl friends for much of my life and now that I have a few, I need to cherish them with the love and attention they deserve. If I could say that to all the 18 year olds I know and have them follow through, they would do fine. When I was young I was busy and always felt more comfortable with guys. I found many girls far too fluffy for me. I had a few good solid friends but these are relationships you need to maintain. Gardens seem to be easier but much shorter term and don't do as much for the soul. Girl friends and lip gloss - 2 things I need to practice.

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