Monday, 19 March 2012

The Ducks are Back!

Here they are! My ducks arrived today and immediately demanded a snack. All I had was birdseed. I'll get duck feed tomorrow. Cracked corn is preferred. These ducks have been spending the breeding season with us for 4 years now, and they are old hands at it. They have a healthy respect for us, but are not fearful. They just back up a bit when we are around. If they arrive and there's no food, they give us a polite quack and we come running. They have approached the back door at times, but haven't made it up the stairs to knock. Yet.

Now occasionally a second couple arrives. The first couple tolerates them to a point, and they don't push their luck. It's a nice arrangement. The Ducks feed with us and check in with us a few times a day until the babies are ready for the lake across the street. They nest next door on the edge of a little pond. They also spend a lot of time relaxing in a little stream that crosses our yard, and has lots of green cover. Once the babies are big enough for a stroll the parents will bring them over for snacks. We don't mow too early so the little guys have cover. You know they're coming when you see mom's head up like a periscope and grass rippling all around her. Looks like piranha closing in on the bird feeder. The neighbours will also give us a heads up if they see the procession on its way. My DH has had the honour several times of holding up traffic when the family finally heads for the lake.

Of course this has me wondering when the pheasants and groundhogs will show up. We do have a coyote currently as well, so I'm hoping for peaceful coexistence. I've always been a bit naive that way. Don't you just love spring?

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  1. Enjoy your duck friends! I hope you gets some shots of them doing the crossing!