Saturday, 24 March 2012

Shirt Class

Today I spent the day with 7 other sewers learning new and old techniques used to put together professional looking shirts. It was an excellent day! Because you were using more than 1 technique (we made a little shirt but made each part a different way) you could compare and choose your fav. I could really see how things fit together. I like shirts. All that precision sewing and pressing really appeals to me. I love a well pressed edge. I used a lot of different machine feet today and got a better feel for what works well for what. Machine feet are a lot like shoes. Pretty ones are hard to resist, and you can never have too many. Oh, and they come in cute little boxes.

So in a few weeks, when some other needs are off the table, I plan to make shirts. Shirts suit me. They're comfortable and classic. If any of you want to join me, let me know. Sewing should be a social activity.

The ducks are doing well, thanks for asking. I understand the neighbour kids have named them Donald and Daisy. I prefer the more formal Mr. and Ms. Duck. Mr had to put the boots to the other couple two days ago. Once 'the mating' is complete he will tolerate them. Here you can see him on the rock pile (that's another story) putting the boots to them. I would have cropped this picture but you can see on the windowsill all my sweetheart notes from Sewing Guild Challenge night. I display them proudly! As each challenger displayed their creations the audience wrote down comments to share with them. Each person took home a bag of goodies, just like Valentine's Day when you were little. My caftan and belt/shoes were a hit - as was every other outfit displayed! I had so much fun doing it and I think the other sewers enjoyed it as well.

I do firmly believe all of us need a caftan of 2 in the closet. You could also call it a muumuu or a whole list of other names I'm sure. Anyway, pop it over your head and you're done. Underwear is optional. You can up or downscale the design as you like. Shorten or lengthen, add a belt or drawstring at any level. I could live in one of these. You may note the handmade wool felt shoes, but don't zoom in too close. One turned out just fine and one went astray. Design and production didn't mesh all the well. It's a work in progress.

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