Monday, 26 March 2012


Today I cleaned house (no snickering), did the laundry and shopped for groceries. Monday is a good house day. I need a set of red work tea towels to keep me organized. Also nesting today were 2 crows and a seagull. The crows spent the afternoon in my yard pulling up nesting material, flying off to an undisclosed location and returning to do it again. The seagull was seen crossing the road with a similar bundle in beak. A sister gave me a little holder for yarn or fabric scraps to be used as nesting material. I put it out every year, but my birds seem to be naturalists. I do try to update their look.

I had a full day of lace class yesterday. I do hope I didn't embarrass my lace teacher. She didn't sit by me. What does this say? At one point I did dump my lace pillow on the floor. I doubt that appeared as an impressive move. I learned tons as we got to watch the teacher go from pillow to pillow and lots of neat stuff was demonstrated and discussed. Some of it I even kind of understood! So I proudly get home to show off my progress and realize it amounts to a leaf. It's the purple part. If you zoom in real close you can even see it. The shape is terrible, but I do know what's wrong. I feel that's an important first step, don't you? DH admired it anyway. He is the world's greatest fan, that one. It's also the first time I have made 2 layer lace. The leaf is sitting on top of another layer. Impressive, eh?

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