Thursday, 29 March 2012

The NS Basketry Guild show at the Craig Gallery opened last night. It's wonderful - at least to me and other basket makers. I have 3 baskets on display. The larch basket was one of my first and has a very rustic feel. I started by chopping down a larch tree and used it all but the rink. Then I made a rush hat with rushed plucked out by Lawrencetown beach. Last is an ash Shaker style basket. I got the ash from the instructor. I have tried splitting and pounding ash, but that is truly difficult.

Today I spent with a great and generous friend working on fitting a shirt pattern. She has ideas and knowledge from another part of the brain that I haven't developed. I think I may have a little dead spot there? Anyway, I have great hopes for the resulting pattern. We'll meet again next week and sew some more. Sewing has such a lovely social aspect. I love to sew by myself, but social sewing has its own wonderful perks. The company is lovely but 2 minds and someone knowledgeable to talk to really elevates the sewing experience. You don't get as much done, but the benefits apply wider and longer than the actual day.

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  1. Your baskets look lovely. I hope your shirts turns out as nice.