Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The New Graduate

I finished lace school! I was top of my class, and valedictorian as well. After 12 weeks of lace making Mondays, next Monday will be a sad day. Of course all 3 of my lace pillows have unfinished projects right now, so it's not like I can rest on my laurels. I also have to practice leaves for an upcoming workshop. That will be my first time with other lace makers. My debut, so to speak. I plan to sit very close to my teacher. She can kick me gently when I go astray. Shin pads coming out of the closet now.

The sap is running faster than I can boil it down. I use one of those deep fat turkey fryers. I think I spend $30 of propane for each gallon of sap, but it is entertaining! Watching sap boil for 8 hours is so, so .... I can't find the words.

Tonight the sewing guild presents a show of what happens when you take someone else's rejected fabric home. I have a lovely caftan and shoe ensemble. I think I may have broken the rules a bit, but then I made the rules. We need to get over rules. When there isn't a winner, rules become somewhat encumbering. Sewing should never be encumbering.

My sewing room is currently tidy. I have vowed to tidy after every 2 projects. As I am rarely only working on 2 projects at a time, I'm not sure how this will work. I have enough to work on of the next 40 years. However my lace teacher has a shawl she hasn't started that will take about 1000 hours. Therefore, I think I'm ahead here. Again, I'm glad my competitive streak is dying a slow and not so painful death. Lots more fun.

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