Friday, 13 April 2012

1912 Project Wrap

I just finished up all the things I wanted to try out on this pattern (wrap 400) from the 1912 Project from Vintage Pattern Lending Library. It was a lovely wrap pattern. Again, I love the way these garments are cut. It is meant to drape, and I kept wanting to pullet up around my ears. That's not where it goes. It's meant to drape elegantly around your shoulders and drip embellishment. It was made for a 36 inch bust. I am larger in the bust area, but small through the shoulders, so the fit was fine. The pattern itself is extremely easy to do. Proper embellishment is what makes it special, and that is up to the makers desire and expertise.

It's meant to be layered and beaded and such. I choose a soft embroidered wool fabric as I wanted to try out a few new techniques without really making something to wear. The wool gave me the weight and drape of what was intended in the finished garment, I think. I simply turned under the edges once and sewed them down. They don't fray. Then for the trial. Have you seen those crocheted edges on tablecloths and pillowcases? Where the crochet hook actually pierces the fabric and stitches a base chain that you then crochet into to embellish the fabric? I got out some sock yarn and tried that. It was surprisingly easy to pierce the fabric. I put a single crochet into each hole made and chained 5 stitches in between each hole. Then  made a second round with a scallop (sc, dc, trc, dc, sc). Lastly I made 3 strand tassels to hang from the trc in each scallop.

This took a fair amount of time, but would make an excellent edging. A nice silk or rayon thread would be a better choice than sock yarn, and more rounds of crochet could make this edging as complex as you like, before adding the tassels. The same thread could be used to embellish the shawl body - I have a great little chain stitch machine that would be perfect for the job. A simple diagram of an embellishment outline would be helpful. I can see little curlicues or other abstract designs working well. In my case the fabric was already embroidered with tone on tone stitching.

So My final checklist for this pattern:
1. Pattern Name Wrap #400
2. My Skill Level Advanced
3. Pattern Rating 3 - It works well but needs to be embellished to be worthwhile
4. Easy skill level required - little fitting, simple sewing
5. Instructions should include more possibilities for embellishment
6. Fit was as expected for a wrap
7. I didn't alter for fit but did try a crochet trim technique

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