Saturday, 21 April 2012

Please Pass The Duct Tape

Thursday I went to school for the morning! I'm volunteering! I felt like the glove fit, I enjoyed it. The kids have all grown a year and are so brilliant! I think one morning a week will be good for me.

Friday I went to sock school. I'm learning to make a tomato heel. It's very smooth. Currently I'm working down the leg to this smoothness. Sock School is at Gaspereau Valley Fibres. It's located in beautiful farm country and they have a llama. Of course farm country in the spring can have a very pungent smell, and indeed it was fresh with fertilizer. Their sheep were having lambs this week and their llama is in charge of security. He takes his role seriously and kept me at bay nicely.

You knit round a farm table in a beautiful barn that has been converted into a gorgeous yarn shop. The product selection is amazing. If you ever get to visit, do so. Take lots of money. Pete's Winery is just down the road, if you need more encouragement. Tea breaks happen in a kitchen just off the shop. It's a most pleasant 2 hours. Two more classes to go. I've gone to slightly smaller needles and my socks look smoother. Hopefully they still fit.

So today I was edging a garden bed. I got out my new rubber hose to use as a straight edge. DH offered to get me a string and tie it up for me. I should have gone with that. I'm using the garden fork just like a pro when I jab without really looking, and put it right through the hose. My new hose has a hole. I couldn't have hit that hose if you gave me 10 free jabs. However, now I have a hole. Pass the duct tape please. I'm a little depressed.

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I retired when I was 55 and now, 10 years later, am working again part-time as a volunteer coordinator for a social service agency. Like you, I found there were a hundred different projects I wanted to take on, still do, and sometimes even find time for them. I love your swing coat -- what pattern did you use? Cheers, Betty