Monday, 23 April 2012

That Man!

DH looks at me in my DNYD jeans and says that although he knows I like designer names, they don't always flatter my figure.

The man is brilliant. Now, of course I need to acknowledge this moment of truth and find what does flatter me. I can still appreciate the beauty of design and well made clothing. It just means I need to look at what I wear with a more personal eye. As I can sew and don't mind drafting my own patterns, WTH am I waiting for?

I think this may be the hardest thing in the whole world. Those jeans are comfortable, and they were on sale!

That poor man will be sitting down tonight and looking at me in all my jeans and getting a lot more specific about what does flatter me. He's had good training and he's actually very good at that. I think I'm lucky to have him.


  1. HI Nancy,
    I have to figure out how to comment on a blog. I came across yours the other day, it must have been a link. I'm enjoying it. I too, retired at 55, but am working now part-time as a volunteer coordinator for a social services agency. There are hundreds of things I still want to do, having done the weaving, basketry, embroidery and so on. Still working away at knitting, sewing, storytelling. I love your swing coat, especially the neckline. It's very flattering. What pattern did you use. Cheers, Betty

  2. Hope dear hubby enjoyed the fashion show. So you have a working plan of what flatters?