Monday, 16 April 2012

What a great weekend! I dug in the garden. Too much, apparently. Why is that now I have the time to dig, my body isn't keen? DH moved a mountain to a new location by the stream. He built a retaining wall of huge boulders and filled it in. Now he's planning roses. Love that man! Thankfully one of us is an expert with a shovel. He's promised lessons.

The Basketry Guild made cattail ducks at the market this weekend. They take about 2 minutes and actually float. We had more adults trying than children. Now there weren't that many children, but it's funny how much the adults enjoyed it. It seems many thought they couldn't 'craft'. Ah, the simple things in life!

The Canadian women's hockey team won the World Championship after a rather tense game. It went to overtime. Last time they did this I injured my voice again. I was more controlled this time, but still. I taught 3 of Rebecca Johnson's (#6) cousins. Wonderful kids, and very athletic as well. They brought her to school after her Olympic win a few years ago. She was a bit shy but did a great job with the kids there. Sunday I wore the shirt she signed for me. It didn't help much with the digging.

Now, if you saw the Pittsburg/Philly game I'm sure you were as disgusted as I was. Seriously, their mothers were watching! Now if the moms had been on the bench, things might have been different. It was a complete loss of control for both teams. Philly came closer to playing hockey, and the score reflected that.

Please send your prayers to whatever deity you may favour. My phone may have gotten wet. So far it still breathes, but I am deeply concerned. That phone is a big part of my life! NO, not for making calls, silly. For everything else!

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