Monday, 2 April 2012


I bought this adorable Singer 20 a while back but hadn't been able to sew with it. It seems you have to read the directions. Hmmmm.... Who knew? The threading diagram is full of unexpected twists, but if you do what it says, you get a great little chain stitch. You know how I'm always referring to tea towels that spell out the tasks for each day of the week? Well now I can embroider a set! See how cute? I cleaned it up with some kerosene and oiled it up. Just like a day at the spa. Then I did the same for a little toy Casige model as well. Tomorrow I'll try to get that running.
 Now the nice people at Singer suggest that this machine is a great machine to take you from childhood right to university, for those little repairs and such. Can't you just see yourself pulling this out of your suitcase at the dorm? Turning the little crank?


  1. It is twigging memories of my childhood sewing machine. It was pink. (Could that be why I love pink?)