Monday, 6 August 2012


I'm loving the Olympics! It's been a rainy week, so I have been inside glued to the TV or iPad screen and working on my promised Olympic projects. CTV has been doing a great job and their iPad app is excellent! I use that as my portable TV and can check on what's going on easily.

I may have to bite the bullet and buy bifocals. For sewing or knitting I take glasses off. Then I can't see the TV and have to treat it like radio - just listen. Depending on how intense things are, I may lose crafting time as I need to watch. It's a trade off and these are 2 of my fav things! I shouldn't have to choose. Damn!

My socks are done. They were going to be a present, but I made too many mistakes. I will love them just the way they are. Perhaps those missed stitches were intentional in a subconscious manner, as I do love the yarn. I could not knit without youtube. Those toes were grafted in front of my fav toe grafting video. I'd never remember something so tedious that gets used for 2 minutes 3 times a year. Now I don't have to and I knit on fearlessly. See how the socks match? They were knit from 2 different balls of yarn. I didn't know they knit up identically until I was 3/4 of the way through! Nice!

I also youtubed lace stitches today so I could start the Felicity sweater. Felicity is my nephew's (and wife's) latest production. I wanted to try lace stitches and a baby sweater is small. The plan is to finish this by the end of the Olympics. Hopefully there aren't too many tense Olympic moments coming up to slow me down. Is that optimistic or pessimistic thinking?

I have been sewing up a storm. I want to get some fitting issues solved and out of the way. I think I have a pretty good T-shirt fit finally. The armscye still needs work, but I'm happy for now. I have a new T-shirt and expanded that pattern into a dress. With the dress I went with a crew neckline. I never do that, but I decided it's easier to cut the neckline when the garment is ready to finish. I popped the dress on and liked it the way it was. DH thought it was a good look for me as well. Crew necks are supposed to be bad for short busty women (men too, probably). I may need to rethink this. Perhaps it's the fabric. It's quite a vivid pattern. As to the dress, I think it needs a bit more flare in the skirt. I also took a lesson from my 1912 garments and curved the back seam at the waist. This really makes a difference and feels so nice. It makes putting in a back seam worth the effort.

I debuted the Jolie pattern for a tennis skirt. Oh I love that pattern! It's been for its first walk/run in the park and it was perfect! Comfortable and practical! Pockets in the side panels. Wide waistband. Perfect length and so well designed and instructions that work well! I will Jalie again!

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