Friday, 24 August 2012

I may have said too much about my bottom in the last post. Sorry. The Canadian love affair continues, however.

This week the Canadian Championships for flat water sprint canoe and kayak are in town on Lake Banook. All the Olympic paddlers are there, so it's got great eye candy. I remember my paddling days fondly, but I don't miss the wonderful feeling of sheer terror and nausea as you approach the start line. There's a whole new generation experiencing that this weekend. Good on you!

DH and I are working hard on his race this weekend. He is the organizer for the Ledwidge Lookoff Rally.  Today we put up signs and kick rocks off the course. It's dirt road racing at its best, people! Actually it's as close to a date as we get lately, so I make the best of it. When it's over I should have my man back again. The next race is much less work, so we get to compete as well. I hope to repeat my great success as navigator, and maybe get up the guts to drive as well. We'll see.

Now I'm off to walk the cats before we leave. My cats are quite old, so they do a round or two of the driveway. It is a long driveway. At this point they actually walk at my heel quite well, with me going "Don't eat that!" all the way around. Grass makes them barf. If they would get that out of their systems before they come in, I'd be fine with that.

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