Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bottoms Up!

I'm so glad to be a Canadian. We take so much for granted at times. You have to love a country where they nag call you kindly to come get your breasts neatly pressed and folded once a year so you know they are lump free. I do miss the cute BB shot markers they used to use to mark the 'apex', but that's supposed to be better technology, so full steam ahead I say.

Now they want to know about my bottom! They seem to have a rather selective interest in just the private and personal bits! I got this lovely package in the mail so they can sample my poo in search of non poo things. It's a screening that all of us 'rounding the bend' people get. Finally an answer to "Does my poo stink?". I've always wondered. Can't wait to find out!

Now I could live somewhere else where they really don't care to ask or answer these important questions.  Unless you have a lot of money or are a king or something. Nope. Here in Canada they love my bits and pieces regardless. Thank you. Much appreciated.

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