Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Be Kind to Frogs

Dh ran a big car rally this weekend and it was a huge success! This is a growing sport and he's been a big part of bringing it along. I am a big help of course. Someone needs to mop the worried brow. Well, people drove very fast and had a great time. Our car (lent to friends) ended up on an off road excursion, so it won't be home for a few days. It's resting and recuperating. I've sent a card and flowers. I decided I was too tired to watch DH unload the truck, so it waited till Monday.

So Friday we were setting up the course when we came to what would be a fast corner. A rut in the road had a bit of water and a smallish frog residing. We knew froggie had no chance against the cars and there was no other water to move him to. Not a problem. On Saturday DH transported said frog to a safer and wetter location some way down the road, using the approved amphibian transportation device below. Good thing I asked before my next Tim's stop.

Just to give you an even clearer look at DH, he set up a fruit fly trap next to his fruit bowl. It looked almost like mine (glass of vinegar with plastic wrap on top) on the other side of the kitchen, but instead of poking holes with a knife to let the flies in to their drowning death he used a fork to make breathing holes. Love that man! I just can't figure out why he had more flies than I did.

Yesterday I took Percy for a walk. We got to the top of the driveway hill and he plopped down to watch traffic go by below. Therefore I pulled up 2 chairs (he got the one with the cushion) and we sat and sipped a cold drink for quite some time. If karma comes around the way it should, someone will push me out there in my wheelchair when I get to that point. Most pleasant.

On Saturday I went to Lake Banook to watch the Canadian Canoe Championships. My sisters and I met Olympian Emilie Fournel when we presented her with a trophy (in memory of our mother) for Senior Ladies K1. She was just lovely! We were pleased to find her a reasonable height! I spent a great day with the sibs seeing all the people we hadn't seen in the four years since the last Nationals. Thanks for the beer, Kim!

It rained today and I read a book. I was going to go off and do 'worthwhile' things, but then I couldn't figure out why, so I didn't. Tomorrow, the sewing room I think.

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