Friday, 17 August 2012

The Supportive Gardener

I'm looking out the window and for the hundredth time telling DH that the pear is too droopy (he's not even there). We have some fruit trees and decided to pick the blossoms this year as they are still young. Next year they will be old enough to do their thing. However we missed a few and the pear tree is having a pair of pears. So exciting! One beauty is on a low branch and is getting weighty. We are so proud. The branch has been bowing and I couldn't stand it any longer.
It's now nicely supported by a crutch. You just can't do enough for your children, can you? If the deer find this one I may cry. I hear if I go out and pee nearby....

Nope. It's just a pear. Get over it.

New yarn store in town! Dartmouth Yarns, across from the post office on Queen St.  They have some lovely selections. They had some interesting jewelry kits, along with the usual eye candy.

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