Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Post Olympics

They're over, and I feel the withdrawal. Love Custio Clayton (still don't understand boxing) and the women's soccer team.

I finished a shirt for DH. He has yet to wear it, and I need to check fit. I think the shoulders are off. I've also never fit a man before. There are no curves! I'm needing to check man pics to see how those shoulders should look. You'd think I should be able to look at shirts he owns, but I have and none of them look good. Why haven't I seen this before?

I am almost finished the cute pink sweater. I know, it's like not making it to the finals, as the sleeves are not done and I have a side to complete too. A Ravelympic failure. I forge on, as I do have a September deadline. I do know now how to make holes (lace like holes) in knitting. Holes that are meant to be. They aren't too difficult, but I talk to myself through the whole row and swat those who dare to talk to me then. I have ripped too many stitches out! Go away!

The coat I planned is not cut out yet. I traced off a size and then decided it would not do. It's not an easy decision. I've been sleeping on it, and will have another go tomorrow perhaps.

BUT!!!! I spent 2 wonderful days at the Merb! I scored an invite from a friend to her cottage at Melmerby Beach and it was so beautiful! We kayaked, ate, drank, swam (she made me get wet all over!). She is truly one of those people who do everything for guests. I came prepared with food and stuff but I had to be very strong. If you don't exercise a lot of self discipline she will cater to your every whim and relax you to the point of coma. From a coma position it is very difficult to help with the dishes. I know. I tried. This was not my first visit and I wasn't completely shameless. Somewhat, but not completely. This of course was motivated by the fact that I am always keen for more invites.

There was entertainment. Lots of small children roam the beach and all the cottages are arranged like the Kennedy compound. Everyone is more or less related, so little cousins play with little cousins all day long. It's the way summer life is meant to be I think.

I went to Staples last night, and not because it was August. Teachers get the itch in August to buy pencils and shiny things. I couldn't find the non school item I was after and left without anything. Yah! There were families (unhappy families) buying school supplies everywhere. I think I must be truly retired. I had no itch or urge. Feeling good!

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