Friday, 12 August 2011

Bicycle Shorts

My expected packages arrived today! Yah! I spent some quality time with my DVDs and books. I looked inside a Chanel jacket and organized my knitting needles in eager anticipation of knitting a beaded purse. Looks tricky. I may need supervision and wine. But one thing led to another and I stayed in my bike shorts all day. You know, those things with the padded seat? I got them cheap in Montreal and they do help cushion.

While in Montreal with 2 sisters and visiting a third, a delicate subject reared it's interesting head. You know how, when you get older, or whatever, it is sometimes difficult to hold it all in. Know what I'm saying? With the sisters and any amount of wine we get into a frivolous mood sometimes. Discussions and actions get a bit heightened? One thing Ileads to another and legs get crossed. Eyes roll back in heads and girls sink to the floor in panic. What you gonna do?

Well, after an impromptu poke in the armpits from my DH, it came to me. Bicycle shorts! They might look odd (well actually they look pretty awful) but they do have an air of sporty purpose. Who would know? And they have all that padding down there. I think I'm on to something. Someone notify Whoopi and tell her poise comes in many disquises.

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