Thursday, 25 August 2011

It's Starting

DH went back to work this week. When I retired I expected him to be working and he wasn't. Now, I did enjoy having him around. He is fairly easy going and a pleasant boy, most of the time. But it didn't have that retired feel I thought I would have. Now I'm on my own and it's different.

I have to start sorting through what this new thing is all about. I am getting up earlier now - when he gets up for work. I like that. I bike and read the paper and make tea. Good way to start the day. Then I have nesting activities. I'm feeling the urge to improve the nest. We are always in a state of flux here, with many major projects on the go in and outside. I have to say the end is in sight. I think. Yesterday I prepared windows and foundation walls for painting. Then I came in and marked the hem on a wedding dress for my neice. That has been a major project this summer and I will be glad to see it done. It's been a wonderful thing to do, but it's nerve wracking.

But I'm also feeling the need to clean and wear a cleaning smock. Like a housewife from the 50's. What's with that? I want to learn to make bread without a bread machine. I am putting up jam (although that's not new). I'm thinking of a cleaning schedule. I'm wondering about house dresses and aprons and dinner on the table. It's not an oppressive thought. It feels nice and settled and purposeful.

Perhaps there's a pill for this? I'll see how it goes. Meanwhile I'm off to the library to pick up some books on lacemaking. Another new thing that seems to be invading my fancy. And I need to cal Ginnie. She's going to teach me to knit socks.

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