Thursday, 18 August 2011

Do Fruit Flies Poop?

It seems they do. All over my kitchen window in fact. I have the usual late August invasion and now I have all these teeny little drops on the glass where they congregate. Who knew? Who wanted to know?

On a brighter note my ever thoughtful DH bought me a lovely gift! He was off to the Home Depot (known simply as the 'Po at our house) because he needed a new shovel. He handles a shovel well and had worn both of his shovels to a frazzle. I like to watch him shovel. He's very smooth and capable with that thing. However, he has now gifted me with my own shovel (matching his and hers) so I won't be watching as much. How sweet! I'd been wanting my own shovel forever and had just about given up hope! Makes me wonder if ham is on sale. I'd like to make him a nice dinner to show my appreciation.

Someday I must explain about the ham.