Saturday, 20 August 2011

I Have a New Toy

Not that kind of toy - get your mind out of the bedroom! There was a sale on and I upgraded my ipod to an iphone. Woohoo!!! Now I only have one thing that goes beep in my purse. I love it. I am an Apple pie person.

It seemed to be my day to shop. Back to school has the shoppers out in full frenzied force and I was a bit apprehensive going to THE MALL. The MALL no longer holds as much charm for me. I prefer shops and quirky places to shop. But I had recently been gifted a gorgeous bracelet and had to have it sized. Well, it was still too big and I had to go back. I felt bad about that. It's hard to size a wiggly thing like that and it's a matter of preference and they did give it a good try. Well I was worried about them not wanting to see me and that bracelet again, but they couldn't have been nicer. They were most apologetic and offered to get me a whole new bracelet. It's nice to deal with someone who wants you to be only pleased with your purchase. The bracelet is off for try#2 and I'm quite hopeful things will go well.

Then I noticed that iphones were advertised for $99 with one carrier and went off to my current carrier to get a matching deal. Now there's history here and little of it is good. 6 years ago my DH wanted to surprise me with a prettier phone for Christmas. He went off and picked up a new phone for me (it was indeed prettier). However, even though the phone was in my name and the bill is in my name, they put the new phone in his name. So in effect he controls the phone but doesn't pay for it. Cute, eh? To top it off, they cancelled my service and called me to see if I liked my new phone (the surprise I hadn't had yet). So over the next 6 years I had t drag DH with me to upgrade or discuss said phone. Each time we were assured that I now also had access.

So I get to the phone store and indeed I am still persona non grata. I left one person on the phone to the phone gods trying to straighten that out while a trainee tried to help me sort through deals and options. Sounds like a recipe for a disaster, doesn't it? Well, it couldn't have been more pleasant. Another person dropped in to help and with 3 of them on the case they carefully went through all the options and we all came away happy I had what I wanted and needed. It was a most pleasant experience! I think they were as happy as I was. We all waved goodbye with big smiles!

So, humming the theme from Rocky I went directly to the local tech store to get a transparent guard for the phone screen. Unbelievably I found just what I wanted and met a fine young man who assured me he was the most qualified and gifted person available anywhere in the world to install it for me. And he was! He was as happy about my new phone as I was!

A perfect day. I'm going to do only happy shopping from now on. I will happy sales staff relentlessly in pursuit of the happy shopping experience. I have experienced it fully, and want to spread the smile. Give it a try. Make happy a verb!

Wasn't this the most saccharine blog ever? I just had it in me and it had to come out. My apologies. Next time I'll do better.

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