Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A really great day

I had tea in the Pump Room. THE PUMP ROOM!

Ron took me. I am speechless about the whole thing. It was perfect. I spent the whole time amazed by the experience. Not describable. Not at all. Wow.

Big wow.

This should be the end of the entry, but the day was even more full.

This morning I went to a workshop led by the woman who coordinates the samples for Kaffe Fassett's books. We made felt and ribbon beads with embroidery stitches and beads and such. It was an event to launch her new book on what to do with his ribbon line. I really enjoyed meeting other ' makers' here in the UK. They were very nice. We chatted about all sorts of things. They prefer the term makers to fabric artists. They were quite clear as to why, but I'm not sure I got the point.

I got news this morning that I got in to the sold out workshop. A bit of panic, but I trotted off to the center of town, found a bus stop, a student at the local university to help me get on the right bus a wonderful bus driver to direct me, and there I was - on time even!  No problem!

Then tonight we went out to find a pub. We found one and I got quite soused watching a soccer game on the big screen.  However, while searching for the perfect pub we ran into the Australian rugby team twice. They were hard to miss, in their suits with funny tasseled hats on top of their heads. The police escort and no parking zones also marked them well as they walked from an official function to and from their big Australian bus. Big team. Good looking team. They also went to the pump room.

I think I enjoyed it more. What a day!

And I didn't mention my visit to the sewing machine dealership, did I? Maybe tomorrow. They were great people as well.

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