Monday, 21 September 2015

Castle Combe

Sunday we drove to Castle Combe. The driving went much better, and I have discovered that Maps has a lot more features than I thought. It even has voice directions, and recalculated when you don't listen. Trust the voice. 

The village is completely untouched by the last 500 or so years. There is a parking lot on the edge of town to keep it that way. So lovely! 

We walked through town and then out of town on one of the ever present local walking trails. Everyone walks here, and maintained trails are important. They aren't travelled, accessible perfection like our trails, but they are maintained to be what they are. You often see signs up telling the locals about what work is currently underway. It's worded in a way that says 'respect for your wanting to know'. Also keep dog on leash as we are losing sheep again. 

We got lost while walking and a local straightened us out. Getting lost has become our fav thing to do. Back in the town we checked out a house sale and picked up a bag of Liberty scraps for $10.  Haven't seen Liberty cheaper than that. Scraps included. 

Had a 'roast' dinner at the pub. Roast Sunday dinner is what you do. 

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