Saturday, 5 September 2015

Crossing the Big Pond

Good travel. AC left and arrived on time. Mind you, first class looked amazing! Little individual islands of lie back luxury. For just another $998 (one way) I could have had champagne.

Flight was fine. Customs smooth. Found the bus (coach) easily and it was also a good ride. Hopped a taxi right away and got in the house without a hitch.

We have learned:

  • That we have fed several cats who arrived in the kitchen through the cat door. None of them were our cat. 
  • Walk facing traffic while on the sidewalk. It's prudent. There is no buffer zone between car and you. 
  • Switches and plugs and just about everything is different here. 
  • You can walk everywhere. 
  • Women wear hats to weddings. 
  • Everyone has an accent. 
  • I'm very tired. We'll sleep well tonight. Just wondering who that will be on the bottom of the bed. Antique market tomorrow!

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