Friday, 18 September 2015


Just back from the pub and watching the opening game of the rugby World Cup. This is big stuff over here. Big stuff. I'm watching, but I have no idea what I'm looking at.

Could be the pint of Wild Goat at the pub that was delicious! I think it was a shanty like thing. Delicious!  Effective!

We poked around the guts of the Bath Abbey this morning. We climbed over 200 stairs. They call them stairs. Think circular staircase that was meant for teeny bell ringers. Climbed for over 400 years, worn to a frazzle. There was a channel worn through the stairs where a leak came in. We would never let people walk them in Canada. The safety fence on the top of the abbey was chicken wire.

They expect you to be responsible for yourself over here. The view was amazing, but you got to climb in around the bells (while they rang!) see the different apparatus to ring bells from over the centuries, sit behind the clock face and look down into the Abbey through holes in the roof. So neat! The staircase was still most amazing. It was so teeny, high and treacherous. Just like an old scary movie.

We rented a car this afternoon. DH drove and I navigated and called out signs and what was happening. Nothing  is familiar. You need to watch and interpret everything. Success! The car rental was cheap. The add ins were beyond belief! We didn't get GPS. It cost more than the car. All cars are standards. No AC. Insurance is way more than the car. Parking is a whole other matter.

Got it all worked out eventually.  DH drove beautifully! We go to the race track tomorrow. So exciting!

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