Thursday, 10 September 2015

Oh Danny Boy!

Walked about 2 hours to find the abandoned churches and graveyard the neighbor mentioned.  It was about 10 minutes away, actually but the wander was breath taking! We met some volunteer caretakers there who were chatty. Saw the grave of the man who wrote Danny Boy. What a place! The crypts wandered up the hill and disappeared into the growth. It was like a painting that was fading around the edges.  The men mentioned that they were surprised we found it. Most of Bath doesn't realize it's there. It's well hidden.

We saw the actual Roman Baths this morning.  DH has now topped off his bucket list. We spent hours, and it was worth the trip right there. They have done an excellent job preserving and yet making everything accessible.  People seem to have respect over here. The ruins are accessed from street level but go underground and under streets and buildings as well. They plan to excavate more. We'll need to come back for that. We did take the waters.  Tasted like that water you drain off after cooking hot dogs. About the same temperature.

Did not take tea at the Pump Room yet.  Need to dress up for that, I think. It just seems right.

We also ate at Sally Lunn's today. Her buns are famous! They're also huge. You only get half unless you specify. It's the oldest whatever in Bath. In the basement they have excavated down to the Roman street, and then the different layers of occupation upwards. The current street level is up a floor now. The original kitchen is about 2 feet above Roman level and 6 feet below current level.

I've read that last passage over again and fear that the Great P may be beside herself again.

and there you are.

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