Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cheddar Cheese

I have now been to Cheddar Gorge! The drive in is spectacular! MB, I can't believe you did that in a bus! I have a sister who could not have done that in a coma. The drive is, shall we say, challenging, and breathtaking.

Caves, nice town, high tower for viewing. And Cheddar cheese aged in the fore mentioned cave system! Delicious!

Good day.

Returned in time for my first visit to Marks and Spenser. Lovely! But the second floor was full of bras and such in my size! And at reasonable prices! I wept.

I bought one set but I shall return, methinks. I needed to recover, emotionally.

We went out to our pub for a pint of our Wild Goat cider. Staggered home happy.

Every pub and restaurant here is advertising Christmas dinner. Book your table now! It's a major campaign. I guess no one does their own turkey around here. Interesting.

We turn the car in tomorrow. Just as we were ready to go pro!  The driving is actually not too bad. Reading the road signs is hard. We'd be lost without the iPad. Follow the blue dot! Maybe one more trip tomorrow. See how we feel in the am.

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