Thursday, 17 September 2015

Study Day

A study day. We went to see the Georgian house and the Bath Architecture museum. We actually find that stuff interesting.

The house also had a doll house display. It was eye opening! Children did not play with these. They were rich adult toys and money seemed to be no object. How about a set of blue and white hand blown wine glasses - and only about 3/4" tall?

The house was well done. They have a guide in each room to tell you stuff. Makes the entrance fee easier to take. No one hurries you. These houses had arched vaults under them for storage. These woul be under the basement floor which is already below ground level, but with a walk out courtyard to give it light. As most floors are about 10 feet tall, this gets quite deep. The vaults also pop out well under the street. Neat stuff.

We have to stop eating out. It's horrendously expensive. A cup of tea starts at $5. And I'm getting fat. That's hard to do with all this walking.

Tomorrow we pick up a car. OMG! But there is a big day at the local car race track on Saturday, and we need to be there!

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