Sunday, 6 September 2015

THe Right Cat Steps Forward

Good news! The correct cat has identified herself. At approximately midnight a slight, furry, purring delight arrived on my sleeping head, treading and vigorously spooning me. She was hungry and had a huge midnight snack. She spent the rest of the evening sleeping on our feet.

The wrong cat still checks out the kitchen feeding station, using the cat doors as if they were her own.   This may call for the squirt gun by the kitchen window.

Of course, right cat/ wrong cat - whose word do we take on this?

The allegedly 'right' cat is happily purring in my husbands lap now. Both happy. He wants to apply for a passport for her. What does AC charge for a cat? He could just tuck her in his sweater.

Today we wandered the town. It was filled with others doing the same thing. A perfect day! We listened to the Saxaphonics in a park. Scouted out lots of things to do. Saw lots of places to shop. The English seem to love parks. They were everywhere!

I found a Pfaff/ Husqvarna dealership! Just like home, but the fabric is more expensive.

We also walked along the canal behind our house. Lots of long house boats tied up on the  sides of the canal We just missed one using the locks. I'd love to live in a houseboat for a bit. It looks so peaceful. The grocery store is just a few minutes along the canal. They have fresh vegetables and croissants!

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