Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Another Good Day

Today was chilly. We came home for sweaters.

Children wear lovely school uniforms. The new season shows as newly purchased outfits. They look so perfect! Skirt hem length seems quite variable. And short. But with tights.

I could walk canal paths for days, and probably will.

Ducks quack louder here.

Women outings are called hendoes.

Cleo had a tiff with the neighborhood bully cat. At high noon.  In the upper hallway. Not sure who won. We are now her 'muscle' when she ventures out.  Ron goes with her for the first bit and growls at the surrounding bushes. Quite effective.

Went to a lovely museum today. Lovely needlework and a huge willow sculpture.  My cup of tea! Then walked the park surrounding it, as Jane Eyre did when she lived next door. Took a picture of her house (of course).

Bought some vintage sewing patterns today. Companies I had never heard of. Gorgeously!

The neighbors have a lovely daughter. She drew me a map of the 8 year old's version of a tourist map. It's very informative. I need to find this tea spot, it seems.

TV is a bit different. Watch this!

Tomorrow a short talk on why Jane Eyre was the pulp fiction queen of her time. And we'll try for the largest antique shop in the world. Even though I thought we had already been to the largest - several times!

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