Friday, 11 September 2015

Finally a Fabric Store!

Yesterday we walked about 2 hours to find the abandoned churches and graveyard the neighbor mentioned.  It was about 10 minutes away, actually but the wander was breath taking! We met some volunteer caretakers there who were chatty. Saw the grave of the man who wrote Danny Boy.

In the main square today I watched this costumed Roman pull up and set up a pedestal. He arranges his sign and leaflets and steps up on the pedestal to take his position. You could watch him settle into the most perfect statue pose ever! His costume has a perfect coating of grey statue whatever - as did his skin, right to the eyelids! As he's posing motionless (and he is the most convincing statue you ever saw) he would wait until some unsuspecting person walked by and maybe extend his hand for a handshake.  I've never seen anything so well done!

The sign said "ask me for a selfie" so I did. He doesn't speak. He just rearranges himself slightly to be in the pic. He was up too high on the pedestal and me - well, you know. He gave me a pat on the head and I gave the camera to Ron to take the pic.  When he patted me even his hands felt and looked like stone. He keeps his eyes closed so he really looks the part. He was advertising the local museums.

We went to the American Museum today. It's on a huge and beautiful estate just a few minutes out of town. We took the free shuttle. It's a different type of museum. It looks just like what you expect, but the Englush see the Americans a bit like a curiosity. Think of what we would do with a British museum in NS. The picture was not complete. I was there to see the quilt collection. It was lovely.

I found The Makery this morning! A lovely fabric and craft store. I bought neat things like ribbons, make your own espadrilles kit, a few fat quarters. Fabric is double what we pay. I would not be happy about that here.

The local university is completely enclosing a field with a visible barrier. The Australian rugby team will be practicing there and want to be private. The city is rugby possessed right now. The world championship is coming up I think. Every pub has a countdown sign in the window. P! Do I need to pick you up anything?

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