Monday, 21 September 2015

Wild Goats

Today we went to Wells Cathedral and the next door church palace with moat and gardens. You know. To keep the only fresh water from the lowly villagers.

Amazing place! Really great volunteer local guide. We dropped Cheddar Gorge to stay and do the place justice.

But first we went off to the charity store and picked up the most beautiful pair of  Ungaro sandals with red berry decorations. I saw them in the window Saturday night. I revisited them Sunday. They were so beautiful!  We were on the doorstep well before opening on Monday and the kind shopgirl let us in. They fit just like Cinderella's slippers! 9 pounds later (DH threw in an extra pound because it was a joyous occasion) and I carried my prize home. My visit here is now complete. If I can just pick up some panties at M&S I will be done.

Off to the pub for a pint. We prefer Wild Goat. Lovely!

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