Sunday, 20 September 2015

On The Road

So much excitement! We drove our little Fiat 500 (in bright yellow so the British can see us coming) all the way to Castle Combe Circuit. It was rally day at the track. My man was in heaven!  He got to meet his hero Ari Vatanen, and I have a picture to prove it. We saw him make doughnuts on the track. Wonderful! We saw lots of excellent drivers make doughnuts on the track. We saw a million cars of every variety. Some cars DH thought did not exist anymore, and there they were - a whole flock of them! He was very happy. 

I had a chicken burger. And got a free T-shirt. 

Actually, I really liked it as well. 

The driving was intense. DH focussed on staying in the correct lane and I navigated, with the help of Google maps. I am learning a whole lot more about that app than I knew before. It's quite robust in what it can do. 

Me, not so much. We actually probably weren't lost, but we're concerned that the 1 way cow path we were on may have been wrong, and we went back for directions. These included "go straight past the duck pond" but did get us there. We came back pretty well, and plan on going back Sunday to visit the town. Our wonderful neighbor has drawn us a map of a walk around the town that most people don't find.  She has been so friendly and helpful! Everyone here is. 

Now, strange behavior at the track. Drivers are on the track doing amazing things. There are thousands of people watching! Thousands! They all stand quietly, no pushing or anything impolite, but absolutely no noise. They don't cheer, they don't clap, no whistles - it's eerie! Same at the autograph sessions and famous people talking. The crowd had to be asked to move closer. They seemed to think this rude, but space was needed at the back. Children were well behaved and well supervised. This is a strange world. 

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