Saturday, 26 September 2015

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

It's getting that fall nip over here, certainly cooler than it was.

We wandered today. Ran into some great shopping with antiques and vintage things. However prices are very high, and we can get great stuff at home.

But we did buy tickets to the opening rugby match for the Bath team. What an experience! There is a lovely stadium right in town by the river. It was pretty well full with 12,000 people. I still don't understand what's happening, but I'm getting better. People either had pints or pitchers of beer. Pitchers for individual consumption, that is. Awesome! Bath won, of course. The game started exactly on time. The crowd was polite, even clapping a bit to welcome the other team. We had 1 supporter from the other side in our section and we enjoyed him thoroughly. When they scored we laughed as he cheered, all alone. No pushing in lines. Everyone stood nicely to let people to their seats. Those going to their seats were polite and careful. We could learn a lot over here.

As soon as the game ended everyone headed to the pubs. The rugby club had a big screen up for the Wales/England game. As we walked home you could hear singing and cheering coming from the town as a unit! The pub windows and doors were open! What a unified town!

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