Monday, 14 September 2015

The Rain Begins

The saxophone store is having a 'blow out' sale. 'Nough said.

It's raining. A proper Englush rain. It's a good wet rain that turns on and off without warning, all day long. Rain jackets just soak your pants first. English carry umbrellas instead. We went to the Fashion Museum.

It was amazing. I have seen Mecca and it looks like this. They even let you book in and poke into boxes in the back rooms. I'll see if I can book in. I spent hours there, and even Ron enjoyed it. He was allowed to antique shop, but did get back in time for the second half.  Ask him about the evolution of bustles and crinolines. They had a special display of Georgian wear, but then a great overview of fashions from 1800 to present. I saw dresses by every one of my gods and goddesses. Schiaparelli! Chanel! Yves! Gaultier! And so many more. Even a Fortuny. A Fortuny!


Then we had lunch (another $50 for a basic bite). It is not cheap here. At all. Found Liberty cotton and would not buy it at 22& or about $45 a meter. Just couldn't.

Now, I can't post pics from my iPad. I don't know how to connect the dots. If you want to see pics email me and I'll give you access to my Bath cloud.

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