Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Another Day in Paradise

Jane Austen! I know. I should be shot. Jane this, Jane that... I get confused.

I went to a short lecture on Jane Austen as a pulp fiction author. She rarely mentioned Jane and talked more about some male author who may have read Jane and laughed at her style of prose, feeling a woman's time was better spent on embroidery. With embroidery you get an actual result.

Next week we hear from someone else on Georgian fashions. Sounds good!

Walked the 10 minutes to the store to get supper stuff. On the way got a lesson on how to get a narrow boat through the locks. So simple and quick - which is good, as there were 3 locks between me and the store. Lovely people! Lovely time of day. Other boaters out on deck, reading or sipping wine. There's a great deal of sipping. The maximum speed is 4 miles/ hr, the canal sides are like a bumper pool. Wine is really encouraged.

Then the way back was enhanced by the view down into the city. And the sound of ancient church bells ringing out. That happens several times a day. It's beautiful.

We were walking (so much walking!) and noticed a little churchyard, right in the middle of a park. It was right out of a movie.  The building was just a shell, overgrown inside and out. The crypts were settling into the ground and were overgrown as well.  What a step back in time!

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