Monday, 28 September 2015

The Train

As we start into our last few days we are just crossing a few more things off the wish list.

Today we took the train (our first!) to Bradford on Avon. It was a lovely town. Again it was located in the river valley, so all of our walking was straight up hill. But the views! We found an ancient Norman church that had been saved and made available for viewing. It's so amazing that these things exist!

After we explored we walked down the canal to the next town - Avoncliff. The walk was beautiful. In the 45 minutes it took we were never out of sight of narrow boats. These seemed to be longer stay people and less tourist. At Avoncliff the canal is bridged across the Avon River. Imagine boats floating high above the river! All on a beautiful aqueduct from a few centuries back.

There was a great pub there. It was our best pub experience. We were pointed to a table over by the glowing fireplace. Nothing in the pub looked any younger than Noah, and I'm sure the Ark pulled up there at some time. The food was excellent. We are getting quite fond of cider.

We strolled over the river to find our train just about to leave. At this station the platform was too small to load more than one car - so you need to seat yourself accordingly. I expected to catch the next train, but the driver leaned his head out the train window and yelled "you just hop in here Love!" He reached back and opened the door himself, while the conductor was also popping out of his car to beckon us on. Service!

These are things we will miss!


So we just returned from Another! pint in town. It's Monday, and that means the cathedral bell ringers practice from 7 pm to 9 pm, or until they like what they hear I guess. So we walked along the canal, listening to 9 bells ringing (just a little off course), bats whizzed around the shrubs and someone was playing the Pink Panther in the saxophone shop that is located in the bridge abutment .

Surreal! May have been the Wild Goat cider though.

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